Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM)

PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatments have become increasingly popular for their ability to completely rejuvenate the face, resulting in firmer younger looking skin. PRP is a natural product created from your own body. Drawn from a small amount of your own blood, it is spun down in a centrifuge to separate the different components of the blood. Red and white blood cells are divided from the platelets and the plasma (the clear fluid). This plasma now contains a higher than normal number of platelets and is called platelet rich plasma, or PRP.

PRP can be converted into Platelet-rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) through a controlled process that protects and preserves the platelets by creating a scaffold or matrix. Think of PRFM as the newer generation PRP. PRFM, injected into specific areas of the skin, acts as a matrix for your own collagen to grow on, stimulating the regeneration of new tissue, and naturally smoothing and tightening the skin. PRFM softens wrinkles and creates a smoother texture and tone of the skin.

PRFM can be applied topically or injected directly into the target area. PRFM can be applied topically to the skin after microneedling for added benefit. Microneedling creates tiny channels along the surface of the skin which allows PRFM to be absorbed deep down into the dermis and epidermis layers. Injections of PRFM is limited to the injected area but is effective if the target area is small. Microneedling, however, allows PRP to be dispersed evenly over a larger area.

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